Yaamini’s Notebook: February 2019 Goals


Turns out I’m not the greatest at working on projects while writing a grant proposals. I did some stuff last month but it wasn’t all the stuff I said I would do so here’s a recap of the stuff I did do:

January Goals Recap:



  • Applied for Husky100
  • Applied to teach Larval Biology at Friday Harbor in July
  • Submitted NSF GROW application

February Goals:

These are the things that got left behind last month, so now I can focus on them.

Gigas Broodstock:

  • Identify which kit to use for DNA sequencing preparation by making a flowchart
  • Send samples for sequencing
  • Determine if RNA can be isolated


  • Finish draft Ph.D proposal
  • Update CV
  • Write bypass statement
  • Send bypass application to committee for approval
  • Submit bypass application

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