Laura’s Notebook: March goals

Laying down my monthly goals midway through March and towards the end of the quarter means that I need to be realistic/conservative.

Accomplished February/early March:

  • Re-worked Oly parental OA exposure paper methods/results/discussion
  • Sent Polydora paper to co-authors for final comments
  • TA duties maintained
  • Secured TA-ship for next quarter (shellfish biology with Jackie)
  • Prepared presentations on Oly OA parental effects
  • Presented twice at Aquaculture 2019 in New Orleans, the triennial NSA meeting. Presented Oly parental exposure & QuantSeq data in the Mollusc restoration session, and also in the Student Spotlight competition.
  • Fulfilled my Student Recruit Co-chair duties at the NSA meeting!
  • Identified how to use remaining grant money – will broaden my larval QuantSeq data, and perhaps do some samples from the 2018 winter temp/food experiment to look at gene expression in high/low performing larval families.
  • Also decided to keep an eye open for opportunities to sequence adult somatic tissues after Oly OA exposure.

To do, rest of March:

  • Outline of bypass proposal – start drafting during spring break downtime
  • Refine discussion section of Oly 2017 paper, outline introduction
  • NSA quarterly newsletter for Leroy
  • Start testing QuantSeq analysis pipeline with Oly genome, Salmon (removing the multiple read/transcript auto-correct), Trinity’s isogroup designation file.
  • Plan QuantSeq sample selection, RNA isolation, library prep, sequencing, etc.
  • Help/facilitate Alanna with RNA extractions
  • Clean up teaching lab
  • Revise/finalize cover letter for Polydora paper

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