Kaitlyn’s notebook: 20190419 Pt. Whitney geoducks


Tank 6:

Tank 6

Tank 5:


Tank 4:


Juveniles overwintered in heath stacks:


Some signs of buildup/infestation:

  • The first geoduck is alive.
  • The second image contains two shells and a dead geoduck.


KCL Priming experiment:

Additionally, Sam worked on an experiment to determine the optimum time for KCL egg priming. These are some important points about the experiment (more info is on Slack):

  • 6 x 10 experiment
  • Screened fertilized eggs (~1500) and took sample 1 hour post-fertilization from screen (concentrated sample).
  • Added eggs into glass bottle (0.3 um filtered seawater)
  • Bottles stored in wine cooler

Sam screening bottles:


Bottles were discarded because we did not see many D-hinge larvae:

  • Sam looked and believed he saw some evidence of fertilization (formation of polar bodies) in samples taken 1 hour post-fertilization and will looks through those samples instead.