Laura’s Notebook: June 2019 Animal Inventory

Live Olympia oysters

Checked on leftover Olys from my 2017 and 2018 Manchester experiments yesterday (6/16/19) which were housed at Manchester on the beach and dock.

Beach Status

In June 2018 I put mini silos with Oly set – 1 from each “family” – into 3 big oyster bags, and Stuart put them onto the beach in Clam Bay, where they stayed for 12 months. I had cut the silo screen out, so there was plenty of waterflow. Yesterday I walked out at low tide and collected the bags. They were shockingly clean – just some kelp growing on the top side of the bag. I only found a few barnacles set on silos. Very few Olys survived:

[hold for data table]

In one of the bags I had placed a HOBO pendant data logger. Here’s a snapshot of the temperature (black) and light intensity (blue) data:

HOBO temp from Clam Bay

Dock Status

I have 3 cages of Olys hanging from the dock, which contain

a) Remnant F1 Olys from Jake Heare, which I used in my OA/T experiment and exposed to varying temp and pCO2 levels (probably includes soem of of Katherine’s Oyster Bay F2’s, too).

b) Offspring from my Oly OA/T 2017-2018 experiment, bagged into window screen pouches. Not sure how many I have of each group, but there were tons of live oysters.

c) Offspring from my Oly temperature/food 2018 experiment. They were bagged into 450um mesh silos, and had now grown much at all. They were alive, though!