Laura’s Notebook: November 2019 goals

Tasks that must be completed in November

  • GRIP application (Due Dec. 4)
  • NSF INTERN program (No due date, sooner the better)
  • Address Ecological Applications formatting changes & submit
  • Jackie class – lots of writing
  • Finish larval measurements for Oly temp/food paper
  • Finish final revisions on Polydora MS

Longer-term tasks

  • Revise Oly temp/food paper to incorporate larval size differences
  • Can I automate oocyte measurements for Oly temp/food paper to get time series of oocyte size?
  • Get cracking on the QuantSeq library prep!
  • Revisit Oly methylation data and begin next steps in analysis. Need to determine steps, probably visualize results from MethylKit + MACAU + SNPs together, describe locations including function if possible.
  • Oly methylation data –> what’s the angle in my Aquaculture America talk?
  • Revisit/revise QuantSeq pipeline using Salmon and the Oly genome
  • Make sure Christian knows which samples are which
  • Identify possible Aquaculture 2020 funding

Other responsibilities

  • Start Polydora research position (goes through January)
  • Help with GSS
  • NSA quartlerly newsletter
  • Any Baltimore tasks?

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