Grace’s Notebook: January 2020 Goals


  • Concentrate the 6 new pooled crab samples (recieved that sample kit of the RNA Clean and Concentrator -5 kit from Zymo – have a lot of time tomorrow to work on this)
  • Submit 6 new pooled samples (to NWGC because we have the quote from them)
  • Work on new results for AMSS presentation (my talk needs to be done by Monday, January 27th)


  • FINISH PAPER –> just do it!


  • Submit official MS thesis proposal (nearly completed)
  • Submit application for SAFS fellowship (have list of things to submit. nearly complete – just waiting on me finishing the MS thesis proposal and a few other easy tasks)
  • Figure out how to balance TA commitments with my thesis work and class work (taking Global Health 518- Understanding and Managing the Health Risks of Climate Change (human health))

Attend and present at AMSS 2020 January 27th – 30th

  • All my paperwork is in order. Waiting to register for conference until week before (Pam’s suggestion), and my talk slot is Tuesday, January 28th 9:15-9:30am.