Kaitlyn’s notebook: Geoduck hemolymph qPCR

qPCR was performed on samples with successful RNA extractions (by me and Sam) and cDNA ((by me and Sam) with primers designed by Sam according to the Roberts lab SOP. Here is a list of who extracted and RTed which sample:

  • Kaitlyn: 1, 2, 19, 27, 59, 62, 66, 11/15 Chewy, 11/15 Star, 11/21 Chewy, 11/21 Star
  • Sam:  57, 61, 39, 31

Here is my qPCR master mix calculations. Sam previously ran a qPCR using the above samples. All qPCR reactions were run in duplicate.


I achieved the same results as the previous qPCR run by Sam on his samples. A total of 2 known males and 2 known females amplified. Males had less VTG present based on the CF value (later = less amplification) compared to females. The later stage female had about 5 fold less VTG present. However, the amplification in other samples did not reach thresholds or occur.

The primers were designed base don an older geoduck genome, therefore we want to redesign primers with the most recent genome. We want to explore all selected targets identified in Emma’s paper to explore other possible proteins that may be a better match.