Laura’s Notebook: February 2020 goals

Yikes, it’s been a few months …

  • Finish QuantSeq libraries – last step is to process some deployed juvnile Olys (RNA isolation, library prep)
  • Coordinate sequencing – UW or UMinnesota?
  • DMG and DMR analysis on Oly methylation data. Make sure that I’ve controlled for genotype (i.e. differences aren’t due to presence/absence of certain genes/loci) – does the filtering accomplish this?
  • Prepare and deliver presentation at Aquaculture America 2020
  • Revise Oly Temp/Food draft, and rough draft of introduction
  • Submit Polydora paper to Aquaculture Research
  • Meet OA/Reproduction deadlines

Also … Met with Krista – we are a go on the internship. I will get my hands on the data as soon as it’s ready (April?). She supports me doing the NSF INTERN in Fall/Winter, so should continue pursuing that. Need to have full analysis of data by November at latest.

from The Shell Game