Yaamini’s Notebook: February 2020 Goals


Jumanji understands how studying for quals works (or doesn’t work…depends on the day). What else am I planning on doing this month?!

January Goals Recap:

Virginica Gonad Methylation:

Gigas Gonad Methylation:

  • I didn’t get a chance to do a GO-MWU enrichment or DMG analysis, but I reviewed my last post on C. gigas analysis.
  • Made a labwork preparation plan! The sequencing plan is to figure out the plan later.
  • I held off on putting together an ASLO poster, but I figured out what metrics to include on the poster itself.

Virginica Sperm Methylation:

  • Didn’t tackle anything related to C. virginica sperm samples. We’re putting this on the backburner for now.

** All Mechanism Study**:


February Goals:


  • Finish an initial read of all materials, including comprehensive notes
  • Finish second read of all materials to establish connections to topic, other topics, and my research
  • Meet with committee members as necessary to guide first and second reads

Gigas Gonad Methylation:

  • Compare C. gigas and C. virginica sequencing methods
  • Compare C. gigas and C. virginica general methylation landscape
  • Compare C. gigas and C. virginica DML lists
  • Conduct GO-MWU and DMG analysis for C. gigas DML and compare to C. virginica results
  • Put together poster for ASLO

Virginica Gonad Methylation:

  • Address reviewer comments and send to collaborators for review

All Mechanism Study:

  • Extract RNA from frozen tissue samples
  • Extract DNA from frozen tissue samples
  • Extract RNA from histology blocks


  • Review paper for ICES
  • Try not to sleep and other good stuff

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