Orientation 2, This Time It’s CoE-ier

Continuing to Analyze Hematodinium BLAST results

Again, this all refers to my project to locally blast hematodinium transcriptome data against the Swiss-prot database

Made major progress! Ran the hemat transcriptome through DIAMOND BLASTx and analyzed my results! Everything went quite smoothly, which was great – didn’t have too much time, as I’ve got the College of Environment orientation for most of this afternoon. No major issues to report- all went well

(Unmatched queries for both DIAMOND and NCBI BLASTx and matches that were only made by DIAMOND and NCBI BLASTx)[https://ift.tt/2RZMded]

(Code for the analyses)[https://ift.tt/3cuF6UH]

Overall, DIAMOND BLASTx had fewer matched queries than NCBI BLASTx (2501 vs 2862). Generally, the queries were fairly similar – DIAMOND matched 26 queries that NCBI didn’t.

Speed-wise, DIAMOND was way, way faster. NCBI took several hours to run, whereas DIAMOND ran in a minute or two. It was astoundingly quick!

Anyway, that’s about all I’ve got for this day – excited to start classes next week!

from Oceanic Observations https://ift.tt/2ECiXas