Samples Submitted – M.magister MBD-BSseq Libraries to Univ. of Oregon GC3F

Submitted the M.magister MBD-BSseq libraries created 20201124 using the 4nM aliquots created for the MiSeq test run on 20201202 to the Univ. of Oregon GC3F sequencing core.

For library pooling, I used an updated set of calculations determined by Mac to help equalize individual library contributions, based on the results from the MiSeq run:

Sample Volume_4nMsample_toBalance_uL
CH01-06 2.43
CH01-14 3.1
CH01-22 2.58
CH01-38 1.63
CH03-04 1.66
CH03-15 4.03
CH03-33 1.71
CH05-01 2.1
CH05-06 4.38
CH05-21 1.84
CH05-24 2.98
CH07-06 1.79
CH07-11 2.83
CH07-24 2.98
CH09-02 1.36
CH09-13 4.57
CH09-28 1.4
CH10-01 1.29
CH10-08 1.83
CH10-11 0.99

Full Google Sheet for this project:

from Sam’s Notebook