Back to Square One?

My analysis outline? Incorrect? It’s more likely than you think Last time we checked in, I had finally ran GO-MWU on my four analyses, and came up with more or less nothing. However, after running GO-MWU, I realized I had made an error when determining what analyses to perform. My analyses largely involved comparing different temperature treatments (elevated vs. ambient vs. low) by pooling together samples from Day 0 and Day 2. For instance, to compare elevated and low, I pooled all elevated crab from Day 0+2, and compared gene expression against all lowered-temp crab from Day 0+2. However, as it turns out, Day 0 samples were taken prior to any exposure to different temperatures! As a result, I decided to redo my whole analysis from scratch. This wasn’t as big of a downside as you may think – I started this project back when I was a tiny little…

from Aidan F. Coyle