Using Linear Modeling on Hematodinium

Quarter Recap Before getting into the details, the GitHub repo for all this is available here! It also includes a more detailed write-up here So this quarter, I took Sarah Converse’s QERM 514 class on linear modeling. As the final project, we chose a data set to model. My choice was, naturally, some data on Hematodinium and Tanner crab – specifically, I chose the 2007-2012 Southeast Alaska Tanner crab survey data we obtained from Pam Jensen. For these surveys, each row equals one crab, with approximately 14,500 crab in our dataset total. A variety of physical and environmental factors are tracked – most notably, the following: Hematodinum infection status (infected or uninfected) Year Location code Day and time Pot depth Carapace width Sex Shell condition Black Mat disease infection status Missing legs code Of these, I treated year, carapace width, day, and pot depth as continuous, and all others as…

from Aidan F. Coyle