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I’ll keep this quick It’s my third lab notebook post of the day, so definitely want to be brief with all this! But basically, I’m taking over the Bitter Crab blog from Grace! I’ve got a bunch of vague ideas for where to go from here, with the goal of keeping it generally outreach-y rather than getting too tied up in what’s happening in the lab. After all, if people want that, they can just come here! I also already wrote my first blog post – on snow and Tanner crab hybridization! Anyways, this is largely to mark that a) I’m managing the blog now, and b) to just put down some ideas I had for future articles to write. They’re generally Tanner- or Hematodinium-centric, but branch out a bit into some other Alaskan crab fisheries. They are as follows: Tanner crab fisheries (Bering Sea, Kodiak, SE) Tanner crab mating…

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