Manual Modules 3

This hasn’t exactly been the most productive few weeks I’ve had, but for some extremely happy reasons! Matthew and I took a trip up to Alaska and got engaged!! As a result, I haven’t exactly been too focused on crabs for the past week or two, but you know what – I think it’s worth it. Alright, now we’re back in Seattle, so now it’s back to business. A quick and broad recap: Goal (primary): Analyze gene expression in Hematodinium-infected Chionoecetes At this point, rather than examining differentially-expressed genes, I’m clustering genes into modules and then examining the composition of each module over time/temperature treatment There are two ways I’m trying to accomplish this. WGCNA. This takes a complete set of expression data and clusters genes into modules based on similar expression patterns. It then examines modules to see if any show a significant correlation with either time or temperature…

from Aidan F. Coyle