Chatting with Pam Jensen

Background Longtime readers of Aidan’s lab notebook are no doubt familiar with Pam Jensen, the recently-retired Hematodinium expert. Formerly with NOAA, she worked with Grace to make the 2017 C. bairdi / Hematodinium transcriptome project (referred to later as the 2017 NPRB study). The vast majority of my research so far has been analyzing data collected in this project. Pam retired soon before I joined the lab, and upon her retirement, shipped around 30,000 genetic samples to the Roberts lab. These samples are partially described in our post from this August. Most come from Alaskan snow and Tanner crab from either the Eastern Bering Sea (EBS) or Southeast surveys. However, there’s a decent smattering of samples from other species and locations. These samples were nearly all collected from 2005-2019 To get a better idea of the importance and content of the samples, and to gain additional background on the host/parasite…

from Aidan F. Coyle