Bairdi Immune Genes Lit Search

Bad news: in the time since my last notebook post, I caught the novel coronavirus known as COVID-19. Perhaps you’ve heard of it – it definitely isn’t a barrel of fun. Good news: I have since recovered from the novel coronavirus, and have been rockin’ it all week! This week was spent on examining immune genes in Chionoecetes. So earlier, I created a list of genes with the GO term associated with “immune response” (that’s TK GO TERM) for each of our three transcriptomes. Again, that’s unfiltered (cbai_v2.0), Chionoecetes-only (cbai_v4.0), and Hematodinium-only (hemat_v1.6). To better understand what’s going on with the immune system of these Tanner crab, I assigned myself two goals: 1: Better understand the pathways of the crustacean immune system more broadly 2: Examine the specific genes expressed in the crab (that’s the immune genes observed in cbai_v4.0), and search for the importance of those genes in similar…

from Aidan F. Coyle