Doing It All

Alright buckle up, it’s going to be a really really long one. But I promise, tons of cool stuff here. Alright, so last time, I was fixing my GO-MWU analyses by switching over from adjusted p-value to log2 fold change. Most of my time since then has been spent on three things: – Examining decreased-temp libraries with DESeq2 and GO-MWU – Re-running WGCNA with signed networks and binarized variables – Analyzing significant WGCNA modules with GO-MWU 1: Running DESeq2 and GO-MWU Comparisons on Decreased-Temp Libraries I more or less ignored those when I was solely examining infection through a cPCR lens. However, since then, I’ve learned some info that’s made me a lot more confident about qPCR and less about cPCR. If we trust qPCR (which I do at this point), then examining our decreased-temperature results becomes a lot more important. It also lets us examine an experimental group over…

from Aidan F. Coyle