December Goals

Alright, last time I found a bunch of cool stuff by re-running with signed modules. Before I get into my goals, let’s recap those: WGCNA Previously, I switched from an unsigned to a signed network. After doing so, I realized that it would be optimal to use hemat_level as a continuous, rather than categorical, variable. I’d set it up as categorical earlier, simply because samples either had a quite low SQ mean (sub-5000) or quite high (over 100,000). However, I figured hey, why not have the extra precision of treating it as continuous! So I re-ran WGCNA with that input changed, and definitely got some differences. Nothing major, just some changes in module names and contents. After discarding significant modules in which there was high correlation to a single crab, I examined significance with GO-MWU. No enrichment was detected in any GO module within the host or complete transcriptome. However,…

from Aidan F. Coyle