DNA Extraction Results

Last time, I went over my plan to extract DNA from 4 random samples from SE AK Tanner crab, collected in 2005. This year was chosen because it’s the earliest samples we have – therefore, if they’ve got good DNA, all should have good DNA. Plan was to pellet the hemolymph and then treat as a tissue sample. Samples were randomly chosen and numbered 1-4. A Qiagen DNEasy Blood + Tissue kit was used, followed by running them on the Qubit. Important notes on use of Qiagen kit: Incubated for ~40 min with Protease K (until all was lysed) In the final elution step, used only 50 uL rather than 200 uL, as Shanelle mentioned that she had success with previous Tanner crab samples following that method Samples are currently stored in -20 (plate labeled with my name and date, samples labeled 1, 2, and 4, as 3 was discarded)…

from Aidan F. Coyle https://ift.tt/rTxSfpy