June 27

Today was another lab meeting day where we focused on discussing Chapter 5 of Banana Leaves. I was introduced to Olivia and Ariana, who are working with geoducks and corals. Though I am waiting to access the book, there is a recap of environmental justice – specifically not including Indigenous ways, rather based on Western ways. We also spoke on anti-blackness, gender rights when addressing the questions at the end of the chapter. Moving from the book, we recapped the work we were all doing and I introduced the work I will working on. Thankfully I received from advise on how I should address creating an experimental design to see results.

June Summary

Alright, I’ve been working for a while without a post! That’s because I’ve been nearly entirely focused on writing, which I haven’t considered post-worthy. But after a lab meeting, Chris suggested making a quick summary of each day’s work, so I can still track progress without writing up full posts! So that’s what I’m doing! Thurs, June 23rd Got a good amount done today – generally focused on tightening up my methods, correcting word choices, etc. Remade my two WGCNA heatmaps (the ones I’ll be using as figures in my paper) to make them more publication-worthy. Specific changes include: – Adding contig counts to eigengene labels – Removing title – Changing x-axis labels to be more publication-worthy – Rotating x-axis labels – Removing the “ME” prefix from all eigengene labels I also moved the structure of the scripts around a bit – I moved the heatmap to the end of…

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June 20th Lab Meeting

Today was the first day. I begun by accepting the invitation to be part of the lab, access the calendar, along with the lab handbook which I need to go through to learn the details of lab etiquette. I am a bit nervous but excited to learn about the procedures. We had the first lab meeting (that I was part of) where I was introduced to Graduate students who work with Professor Robert. Chris, Zach, and Aidan introduced themselves and their work to me, along with a brief introduction of their backgrounds. It was really cool to learn about the different ways they are using epigenetics to learn about the functions of the organisms they are studying. I had never really considered the ways epigenetics are studied in aquatic research or any type of research outside of human health research. I kind of feel overwhelmed with all the information that was given during the meeting today, specifically the data analysis. I do not do, do not like or even associate myself with graphs, charts and all of that, so this is going to be a specific area that I will need to be more patient in learning about. I am excited to make a schedule on what I will be participating in, the research format and what modeling will look like.

June 21st

I am continuing to look through the lab handbook to figure out what posting looks like. It seems cool to post your day-to-day work and to be able to look back to see the progress made from the beginning.

June 22nd

Today was pretty chill. I read through some of the lab handbook, though I am a bit confused about how to and what to post.

June 23rd

Today, I came in to the FTR building for the first time to tour the space I will be working in. I worked on familiarizing myself with the lab handbook, specifically the Laboratory Assessment, and posting my first WordPress posts. Professor Roberts took me around to see the labs, where we will be working with PCR, where the mussels will be stored and that we will be manipulating the temperature to examine the effects it will have on the mussels. The room was very cold though! It was also cool to meet Mack and learn about how important it is to sterilize oysters that you work with in the lab. I am more excited to work with the mussels, work with DNA through the PCR, and learn about data, which is something I am more apprehensive about. Today has made the research more real to me than I had previously envisioned it.