June 20th Lab Meeting

Today was the first day. I begun by accepting the invitation to be part of the lab, access the calendar, along with the lab handbook which I need to go through to learn the details of lab etiquette. I am a bit nervous but excited to learn about the procedures. We had the first lab meeting (that I was part of) where I was introduced to Graduate students who work with Professor Robert. Chris, Zach, and Aidan introduced themselves and their work to me, along with a brief introduction of their backgrounds. It was really cool to learn about the different ways they are using epigenetics to learn about the functions of the organisms they are studying. I had never really considered the ways epigenetics are studied in aquatic research or any type of research outside of human health research. I kind of feel overwhelmed with all the information that was given during the meeting today, specifically the data analysis. I do not do, do not like or even associate myself with graphs, charts and all of that, so this is going to be a specific area that I will need to be more patient in learning about. I am excited to make a schedule on what I will be participating in, the research format and what modeling will look like.