June Summary

Alright, I’ve been working for a while without a post! That’s because I’ve been nearly entirely focused on writing, which I haven’t considered post-worthy. But after a lab meeting, Chris suggested making a quick summary of each day’s work, so I can still track progress without writing up full posts! So that’s what I’m doing! Thurs, June 23rd Got a good amount done today – generally focused on tightening up my methods, correcting word choices, etc. Remade my two WGCNA heatmaps (the ones I’ll be using as figures in my paper) to make them more publication-worthy. Specific changes include: – Adding contig counts to eigengene labels – Removing title – Changing x-axis labels to be more publication-worthy – Rotating x-axis labels – Removing the “ME” prefix from all eigengene labels I also moved the structure of the scripts around a bit – I moved the heatmap to the end of…

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