July 6 Active Reading of Articles

Today I will be working on actively reading through the articles using a template provided to me from a workshop. I am going to be calling ahead of time to make sure that I can pick up mussels tomorrow to set them up.

July 5 Lab Review

This morning begun with a talk with Professor Roberts to preview the plans of the coming weeks. I am going to be bringing some mussels into the lab, so I checked in with Uwajimaya to confirm whether they have live mussels. They do, however, they are on ice and not in water. I was a bit confused about what sampling would look like next week, but I learned that we will be looking into the gill of the mussel (where respiration occurs), taking out the tissue and putting it into a sterile tube to preserve in a freezer (-80 degrees Celsius). I spoke with the Professor Roberts about the articles that I have been reading and summarizing. He then provided some insight into what the research plan will look like soon and the skills and knowledge that I will be applying.

The main plan for this week is to buy and bring in the mussels for us to set up a system for them to rest in. I will begin sampling in weeks 4 and 5.