July 8th Mussel System Setup


This day, I came in to get the mussels set up the in the system they will be staying in. The mussels were placed into a small white bucket. After laying down the absorption mat onto the table, I begun to take one mussel out of bucket at a time to remove the barnacles off the backs of mussels by using an oyster shucker. I separated the barnacles and other debris removed onto one side of the absorption pad and placed the cleaned barnacles onto another side. In addition to that, I cut off any of the thin stringy fibers that mussels grow from within by using scissors. After this, the cleaned off mussels were then rinsed off under cold water and brushed to remove any lingering debris. I then moved them into a different pile into a rinsed out clean white bucket. From there, the area was cleaned by rinsing off any pieces left in the sink, wiping down the countertop and the absorption pad was thrown away.

A new absorption pad was laid out to begin labeling and recording the measurements of the mussels. Nail polish and white-out were used to label the side of the mussel, and a caliber, though tricky to use at first, was used to measure the length (side to side/east to west), width (front to back) and height (up and down). It took some time to partially complete this. I got through 11 mussels, but in the coming week I will be finishing it on Monday. The mussels labeled went into a shellfish net, placed into the water and the white string of the net was held on the side of tank. The same occurred with the unlabeled mussels, resulting in two separated groups of the mussels. Matt poured in about 6 ml of food into the tank on the right to feed the mussels. I then cleaned up by placing the materials used (oyster shucker, paper towel, absorption pads, nail polishes) on a table in a lab to access them on Monday.


This is an image of the original set up of the mussels before I began shucking off the barnacles.
This is an image of the system that we placed the mussels in. The tank on the right housed the mussels (both unlabeled and labeled) while the one on the left will be used to control the temperature (manipulated).
This image displays the work done after removing debris off the mussel and the separation of the two groups.
This is an image of the mussels before they had been cleaned.