July 19th Tube Labeling

Today, I came into lab to work on setting up the vials for RNA extraction. I begun by adding another sheet to my spreadsheet of the mussel measurements (length, height, width), along with any data taken from previous days. The sheet would have the mussel ID, the tissue type, tube label, the date (including month, day and year), and treatment of the mussels. I am going to put together the spreadsheet into Google. This took about 10-20 minutes to complete. After this, Sam showed me how to label the tubes being used, and from there, I pipetted 500 microliters of RNAzol and 1 millimeter of 100% Ethanol into the tubes. I labeled the tubes for the gill sample of Mussels 1-10 and Mussels 16-25. I have also worked on the spreadsheets a little more this evening as I moved them from Excel into Google.

Next Tuesday, I will be coming in to do the RNA extraction of the samples.

This is an image of the setup I used in labeling and pipetting the tubes.