September Summary

Alright, monthly goals are to do the following! Get feedback on models, use proper diagnostics Interpret modeling results Finish methods of modeling paper, start on results/intro We also have some secondary goals – these are more dependent on when I get the edits back, but Another round of edits on temperature analysis paper Thursday, September 1st Modeling: Crafted some nice loops to do some diagnostics. Found a persistent issue – when I use simulate() to check model accuracy and then compare the number of simulated BCS+ crab vs. the true number, it’s persistently underestimating (by a little for the All Crabs model, by a lot for the Females model), or overestimating (for the Males model) the number of BCS+ crab. I’m not sure exactly what is going on here. Could be a minor issue with how random effects are specified in simulate(), could be a more major issue with the…

from Aidan F. Coyle