December Summary

Monday, Dec. 5th Happy holidays – first post of December! Took the first few days of the month off to head back to Cleveland (congrats on the wedding, David!). To recap, I’ve got two papers that I’m working on at the moment. First, a paper examining the relationship of various environmental and physical variables to visual BCS positive C. bairdi by using GLMMs on a huge ADFG dataset. This is the focus of most of my work at this point – I’m in the writing up stages! The second is a paper that uses RNAseq to examine the response of infected C. bairdi to short-term temperature changes. I’ve submitted this one to Frontiers in Marine Science, but still have edits to make. My to-do lists for each task is below: Modeling Visual Positives: For each final weighted model, create graph of each variable’s relationship to bitterness Upload existing graphs to…

from Aidan F. Coyle