Happy New Year! Today, I used ImageJ on the images. I initially had to review the process by using one of Dr. Trigg’s images but then I got into the swing of things as I used one of the clam images. I am hoping to do this on about 2 or more images tomorrow as well.


This past week, I watched the video on how to splice up a video and read a bit of Grace Candall’s paper: Characterization of Reproductive Maturation in Geoduck Clams (Panopea generosa). I also begun to sort out the images that are of the males and those of the females.

10/17 Transfer of Test Tubes

Today, I worked on transferring boxes of test tubes from the smaller fridge into the larger, longer fridge. I moved half of them into a bin I labeled #11 and placed about half of them into another bin labeled #8. I documented this into a list that I have attached below.

10/05 Bottles of waste

Today, I came in to get started helping out in the lab. I spent time counting the number of waste bottles in the lab and put tape on most of the bins to label the approximate number.

August 10th

Today, I have been spending time working on the poster and editing my abstract.

August 9th

Today, I came into lab to work on R studio with Professor Roberts and Sam. They walked me through using R studio to form a box plot, teaching me the ways in which I can play around to make other graphs from the data. I also worked on finishing the draft of my abstract and putting my poster together. Professor Roberts and I talked about how the poster will be structured, and on Thursday, we will meet to continue working on this.

These are images taken by Sam of Professor Roberts and I working with R studio.

August 8th Lab Meeting

This morning begun with a lab meeting where we dived into the last chapter of Fresh Banana Leaves. The chapter focused on colonialism, eco-tourism and invasive species, among other topics. I will continue to work on the abstract today and tomorrow, I will come into lab to learn about using R studio with Professor Roberts.

August 4th

Today, I came into lab to weigh the dried somatic and gonad tissues of the mussels 31-40. I placed a clean empty weigh boat and then tared it to zero before I weighed each dried tissue. Afterwards, I placed the tissues back into the oven and recorded the weights into the spreadsheet. Sam worked with me to get familiarized with using R by creating an account for me and walking me through parts of R studio. We played around with downloading the data into R, creating a graph and working with the labels.

This is an image of one of the dried tissues being weighed.

August 3rd Spreadsheet Work

Today, I begun this morning by working on the spreadsheet, and then I met with Professor Roberts to talk about the spreadsheet and to plan what will happen in the coming days. I asked questions about the RNA extraction process that I was unsure about, and what it could have meant to have no Cq values expressed. Professor Roberts showed me ways I need to consolidate information into one sheet – measurements of mussels (length, width and height), dry weight of the somatic and gonad tissues – along with the Cq mean values. This would allow us to find any relationship between any of the conditions. I was also introduced to the formula used to convert the Cq mean values into larger quantities that I can understand more easily, since the smaller the Cq, the more expression of the gene within the mussel. I will come in to weigh the dried out tissues tomorrow. We will also work on R next week Tuesday.

August 2nd

Today, I focused on working on looking through all the results and started to put the mean Cq values into a new spreadsheet.