August 10th

Today, I have been spending time working on the poster and editing my abstract.

August 9th

Today, I came into lab to work on R studio with Professor Roberts and Sam. They walked me through using R studio to form a box plot, teaching me the ways in which I can play around to make other graphs from the data. I also worked on finishing the draft of my abstract and putting my poster together. Professor Roberts and I talked about how the poster will be structured, and on Thursday, we will meet to continue working on this.

These are images taken by Sam of Professor Roberts and I working with R studio.

August 8th Lab Meeting

This morning begun with a lab meeting where we dived into the last chapter of Fresh Banana Leaves. The chapter focused on colonialism, eco-tourism and invasive species, among other topics. I will continue to work on the abstract today and tomorrow, I will come into lab to learn about using R studio with Professor Roberts.

August 4th

Today, I came into lab to weigh the dried somatic and gonad tissues of the mussels 31-40. I placed a clean empty weigh boat and then tared it to zero before I weighed each dried tissue. Afterwards, I placed the tissues back into the oven and recorded the weights into the spreadsheet. Sam worked with me to get familiarized with using R by creating an account for me and walking me through parts of R studio. We played around with downloading the data into R, creating a graph and working with the labels.

This is an image of one of the dried tissues being weighed.

August 3rd Spreadsheet Work

Today, I begun this morning by working on the spreadsheet, and then I met with Professor Roberts to talk about the spreadsheet and to plan what will happen in the coming days. I asked questions about the RNA extraction process that I was unsure about, and what it could have meant to have no Cq values expressed. Professor Roberts showed me ways I need to consolidate information into one sheet – measurements of mussels (length, width and height), dry weight of the somatic and gonad tissues – along with the Cq mean values. This would allow us to find any relationship between any of the conditions. I was also introduced to the formula used to convert the Cq mean values into larger quantities that I can understand more easily, since the smaller the Cq, the more expression of the gene within the mussel. I will come in to weigh the dried out tissues tomorrow. We will also work on R next week Tuesday.

August 2nd

Today, I focused on working on looking through all the results and started to put the mean Cq values into a new spreadsheet.

August 1st Lab Meeting

This morning begun with a general lab meeting where we reflected on our own goals for the previous month and other goals we plan to focus on for the coming month. I am planning on finishing up a rough draft for the abstract today and put the data into a spreadsheet.

The main goals for this August are to analyze the data, finish weighing the mussels that have been dried out, and to work on an abstract. I will also work on the presentation.

July 26 RNA Extraction

Today, I came into lab to work on RNA extraction with Sam. Sam had begun with the thawed homogenized RNA by the time I had entered. I pipetted the rest of the RNA into the column set up and then worked to finish the RNA extraction by following the protocol in the box. It went by smoothly. Due to the limited time we had, Sam took the lead in forming the cDNA. He guided me in understanding how cDNA is formed, and tomorrow, he will go in deeper description of how he did this process.

This is an image of the lining up of the tubes within the centrifuge
This is an image of the centrifuged tubes before DNAse was placed.

July 25th

Today begun with a lab meeting where we delved deep into Chapter 7 of Fresh Banana Leaves, and ended the meeting talking about the different projects we are all working on.

I am going to keep working on writing up procedures into my notebook and continue looking up articles that cover the same topic I am learning about.

July 20th

Today I begun the day by finishing Chapter 7 of Fresh Banana Leaves. I also worked on putting my notes into my notebook.