Grace’s Notebook: Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Yesterday, I went with Laura to Manchester to help clean and de-symbiont about 1600 oysters. There were 7 or 8 of us working, so we got it all done in a little over three hours! And, it was thankfully a beautiful, sunny (cold) day. I scraped off tons of barnacles, limpets, algae, and red worms.

Today, I worked more on the DIA analyses protocol. Specifically, Step 2. Some issues came up, so Steven and Sam have both been helping address them so that we can move forward. I am now looking at 3a and 3b. My task is to work on understanding what these steps mean, and then Steven said we’ll wait and see what we can do about running Pecan. Apparently, it’s difficult to use, and may have to be sent to Emma to run.

I then revisited this GitHub Issue and took some images to provide an example of what this project would be like if I followed suit with what I’ve done in the past.

Sam, Steven, and I (I mostly stood watching) worked on connecting the titrator to the computer (Swan). It was complicated, but I think they got it to work. My task for tomorrow is to make the NaOH (0.1 mol/L) solution in the titrant bottle so that we can hopefully start moving forward with the titrator!