View completed job stats on Mox

Use sacct.


sacct -S2017-01-01 -E2018-06-27 -o jobid,start,end,state,maxrss,elapsed -u samwhite

This will display all jobs that between the specified start (-S) and end (-E) dates.

  • -o : Output format. Takes a comma-separated list of fields to display. Displays in order that values are listed. See man page for full list.

  • jobid : JobID

  • start : Date/time job was started.

  • end : Date/time job was ended.

  • state : Job state (e.g. completed, failed, etc.)

  • maxrss : Max RAM used during job.

  • elapsed : Total wall time elapsed for job to run.

  • -u samwhite : Specify user who’s history you want to view.