Katie’s Notebook: Imaging finished!

6/30/17 Finished taking pictures of all of Laura’s OA only slides. I just finished labeling them and they are all uploaded to the google drive. The next step is to figure out how to score them! I’m going to read the papers Grace and Laura have sent me about gonad tissue and rating it today.

Here is a compiled list of all the oysters that I either am not sure whether or not I found gonad tissue (labeled: ?) or oysters that I did not image at all (labeled: no) because I could find nothing that resembled gonad tissue:
HL-10_14: no
HL-6_11: no
HL-6_14: no
NF-6_17: no
HL-6_21: no (only 5 oysters on slide and 6 on key)
NF-10_27: no
SN-6_31: no
NF-6_31: no
K-6_30: no
K-10_35: no
K-10_37: no
K-10_39: no
K-10_44: no
HL-6_13: ?
NF-6_19: ?
NF-6_18: ?
SN-6_18: ?
HL-10_18: ?
SN-10_30: ?
SN-10_27: ?
K-6_17: ?
K-6_18: ?
K-6_20: ?
K-6_24: ?
K-6_29: ?
K-6_40: ?
K-10_22: ?
K-10_27: ?
K-10_28: ?
SN-6_21 ?